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Optimizing CrunchBang Linux for VirtualBox

CrunchBang is an excellent version of Linux to run in VirtualBox due to the fact that it’s a nimble Openbox Linux distribution. That being said, the OS still requires tweaking after install in a VM to get the most performance and satisfaction out of it. I’ve put together a guide to walk one through the installation and optimization settings. So take this opportunity to grab the requisite softwares:

And then click here to see how it’s done.

LFS Slackware VirtualBox Appliance

I’ve created an optimized Linux From Scratch build environment using Slackware 14.0 and exported it as an Oracle VirtualBox Appliance to ease installation. The size was kept to minimum (less than 200 MB) and the packages included are as follows.

You can get the appliance here.

You can get the tagfiles to modify your Slackware ISO as well as a floppy image with the tagfiles included here.

NOTE: Login as root with password slack

Installing Optimized XP in VirtualBox

Last week I demonstrated how to create a custom Microsoft Windows XP setup ISO optimized for installation in a virtual machine environment using nLite (The how-to can be found here.). We started with an approximate 500 MB ISO and removed components/services using the nLite utility and pared that down to less than 80 MB. This week I’ll show you how well the unattended install works in VirtualBox and the benefits of doing so.

If you haven’t done so yet, head over to the VirtualBox website and get the binaries needed installed:

The how-to can be found here.

Optimizing XP for a Virtual Machine

Coming soon (possibly tomorrow depending on how motivated I get)…I’ll publish instructions on how to create a barebones installation of Windows XP for installation inside a VM. Why, do you ask? Well, as you know a default install of XP can top a couple gigs and the boot is not terribly quick. My optimized XP has a footprint of approximately 300 MB installed and boots in about 15 seconds in VirtualBox on my 2011 MacBook Air…not too shabby.

A quick look at what you’ll need:

NOTE:  My xpLite ISO came in at a slim 82 MB!

The how-to can be found here.