Monthly Archives: September 2020

How to Upgrade DD-WRT

So you want to upgrade your DD-WRT instance on your router. You want it to work without issues and be sure there are no hiccups along the way. Then I recommend that you connect to the router via SSH and execute the following commands for the best experience.

cd /tmp


write r9000-webupgrade.bin linux && reboot

You can navigate to the download location through the DD-WRT website to get and copy the link to the download (replace the https with http for it to work on the router).

Netgear R9000 Nighthawk X10 DD-WRT Optimized WiFi Settings

After much researching and tweaking I was finally able to get my wireless settings optimized for this Netgear monster and on par with the signal levels of the stock closed-source firmware.

I started my search with what the FlashRouters folks recommend but their settings do not even touch on the advanced settings.

Next, I discovered the recommended QCA Wireless Settings which were much better and got me most of the way there.

I finally was able to dial it in with the settings recommended here on the DD-WRT forum.