Safe(r) Windows Browsing

Unfortunately with the magnet Microsoft Windows is to malware, and the reluctance people have to migrating to an alternate operating system (ie Linux, OSX), there needs to be a way to protect yourself from the majority of vectors out in the wilds of the internets. The sad fact today is that it is not enough to browse “safe” sites anymore (seems as though even the safe sites host ads that contain malware). So, what is one to do? I suggest a combination of a non-Microsoft browser and two plug-ins to get the job done:

1.  Firefox ESR
2.  NoScript
3.  Adblock Plus

Why the ESR version of Firefox? It is geared toward large organizations due to its stability and the fact that it is not upgraded every week whenever the newest feature is added. If you’ve got to have the latest and greatest then this is not for you. As for me, I prefer stability and security over the newer features. If you want the bleeding edge then Chrome is for you, but you’d better have an awesome malware solution in place (or run it in a sandbox on Windows). The NoScript and AdBlock Plus add-ons are a must for a secure browsing environment on Windows. NoScript stops all scripts from running by default and you can enable sites as you visit them. The AdBlock Plus add-on does what the name suggests and blocks most ads and pop-ups. The majority of malware is delivered via adverts now (and you don’t even need to click on them to get infected), and this add-on helps to mitigate these attacks.

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